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Dear Stop Motion Geek Reader...

Dear SMG reader,

There are a few changes and/or updates going on here at SMG that you should be aware of.  One main thing that you may have been wondering is why the dwindling posts?  Well, all the extra time on my schedule is currently being used towards my upcoming short film Cardboard Arcade.  Which I can assure you will be great.  But, it has taken way more time than I had originally intended.  At the start of Cardboard Arcade (beginning of August 2013) I thought it would be done and on the internet on Halloween, which was two days ago.  Now, the release date is November 10, don't worry you will be able to see it soon.  None the less, so far I've spent hundreds of man hours on Cardboard Arcade, and in case you didn't know I am the only one making the flick.  Which means all the sets were built my yours truly.  Every frame was animated by me (I finished animation today).  And all the sound will be created from scratch by me.

The second bit of news is the ads on the side banner.  That's easy enough to explain: I just recently joined Amazon Associates.

Note: I have a request for you, dear reader: if you need to buy something from Amazon, whether it's a DVD or pajamas, please buy this by clicking on the Amazon home page banner ad (which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the 'Geek HQ' page) and then type in your product and buy it.  Simple as that, this way I can keep SMG up and running.

Thank you and yours very truly,
A. H. Uriah

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