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Aardman/Nick Park's "Early Man" Gets a 2018 Release Date

Nick Park and Aardman have teamed up for their next film, a stop motion comedy employing multi-medium techniques: Early Man. Written by Mark Burton and John O'Farrell with Nick Park directing, Early Man will be set in the early prehistoric world based off an original idea featuring a cast of brand new characters and setting.

The film is set for 2018 release dates and will be distributed in five territories by partners StudioCanal (also co-finanacing) and the BFI (the British Film Institute): UK, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Currently there is no release date or a distributor announced for a US release. The 2015 Shaun the Sheep Movie had Lionsgate distributing in the US and was an overall box office failure, opening to a disappointing $800K in the USA.

The release dates for film's releases in the aforementioned territories:

UK: January 26th 2018
France: January 31st 2018
Germany: March 29th 2018
Australia/NZ: March 29th 2018

The synopsis for Early Man from Aardman&#…

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Hello fans of Stop Motion and readers of the blog!
Firstly, I suppose the inaugural subject I should cover in this post is simply an explanation and then apology, which I most assuredly owe to you, reader. By chance I glanced at the time stamp of the last post that went up on the blog and it just so happens it dates exactly a year ago to this day. If you are reading this when this goes up, that means it was a year ago that you were last updated (at least by this blog) to the latest Stop Motion news, reviews, and behinds the scenes featurettes. For that let me apologize. Lately I've been slaving away at a few personal projects. It is yet too early for an announcement of any kind so on the details of those let me stay, at least for the time being, silent.

There has been quite a bit of movement in the Stop Motion world that I sadly was not here to inform you about. Most prominently: the Shaun the Sheep Movie was released into theaters and although it did incredibly poor in the B.O. …