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Gusto Rules!

SHADOWMACHINE (Robot Chicken, Frankenhole, Moral oral) have a new stop-motion project

"Zombie Brothers" by Eric Robles

Eric Robles (the guy behind Fanboy & Chum Chum) he has just made a short called "Zombie Brothers"

MAD: FrankenWinnie/ParaMorgan

This is an episode that was a 2013 nominee in the 40th Annies for the "best general Audience TV show award" whats even more awesome is

ECHO -- an indie short film

Paul J. McConnochie is a filmmaker with a background of stop-motion, and special effects, he is currently in the works of making his short film, ECHO.  He is a Scotsman who resides in Denmark.  With very limited resources he has accomplished

A surprising answer to a simple question

I have been asked in the past what do I use for dirt in a stopmo set, if you asked five different animators


Screen-Novelties is that company, no I mean THAT company, you don't know who i'm talking about?  No, well then (sigh or you can pronounce it PSY) I guess i'll have to enplane who they are.

Dan Ojari

Dan Ojari is a stop-motion filmmaker, you may very well know and/or seen his film Slow Derek! which was a touch of genius and

Tim's next stopmo film

The proposed stopmo film "The Addams family" is set to be directed by Tim Burton.  I have mixed feelings about Tim, first of all every movie he makes is

Shaun the Sheep 2015 film

Aardman animation studios announced today that its teaming up with StudioCanal to launch a new Shaun the Sheep feature for spring 2015.


I have not yet watched the 2012 stopmo film Selkirk, but click the link

Between frames: the magic behind stopmo

If you are live in Northern California or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area you should check out Between frames: the magic behind stop-motion animation.  I just learnt of this yesterday,

The incredible Hulk & Action Figure armatures

I have been asked before ' I don't have enough cash to buy a custom armature (the metal skeleton inside of a puppet), so how do I make my puppets?

First monthly "Stop-motion Geek award"

This is the first time i'm going to give an honorary "Stop-motion Geek award."  The award goes to (drumroll please,)


Guillermo Del Toro is set to direct the much anticipated Stop-motion feature film "Pinnochio."

Music video in stopmo

The Fleet Foxes 2009 stop-motion music video must have been friggn' hard to make,

Dragon ball Z in stop-motion, what!

There is amazing talent out there in the small stop-motion universe, a very talented animator is Patrick Boivin.      His video,

To this day project

Normally I'll post about stop-motion that is unreal and fantasized, well I'm going to shake things up a bit.

A Town Called Panic!

I recently watched the stop-motion, international flick "A town called panic"

Frankenweenie armatures

These are armatures and puppets from the Tim Burton film "Frankenweenie."

Shaun the Sheep movie!

The crew over at Aardman has been developing a "Shaun the sheep"

 movie for quite some time now.