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Wes Anderson's Next Film Will Be Stop Motion "Isle of Dogs"

Wes Anderson, the director and writer of the outstanding 2009 stop motion film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, as well as several highly revered live action films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom (among others), has announced his newest film, entitled Isle of Dogs, which will be his ninth feature film to direct and his second stop motion movie.

Not much has been released explaining many of the details of the story of Isle of Dogs, although a synopsis of the film was released via the Isle of Dogs Twitter account:
Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy’s odyssey in search of his dog.
From this, combined with the original concept art, the frustratingly few details Wes releases in his video announcing the film, and the new poster for the film, we can conclude several things: one, the film will have a Japanese-element to it. (Further evidence for this comes from the fact that several of the voice actors credited for the film are Japanese actors.) Secondly,…

Phil Tippett's "Mad God: Part 3" Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

The stop motion legend, Phil Tippet, has launched – and has now successfully funded – the third chapter in his beautiful and weird dystopian series of stop motion short films entitled Mad God, via crowdfunding the project through Kickstarter.

WE DID IT! --- MAD GOD 3 kickstarter sucessfully funded ---- GREAT THANKS TO ALL ! --- — Phil Tippett (@PhilTippett) June 17, 2017

The project’s initial goal of raising $40,000 has been met and surpassed by financial backers with a final tally of $45,845 from the Kickstarter campaign, which ended yesterday. As Mr. Tippett explains in his Kickstarter video, the money will go towards feeding the crew working on the project out of Tippett studio in Berkeley, as well as to buy materials and to help “keep the adventure going,” as he explains in his Kickstarter video.

Phil is a master of the craft of stop motion, which he's helped pioneer since the earliest work of his career. Starting in 1975 with his employment at Industrial Light & Magic, …