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A Screen Novelties Christmas Present, to Us!

I check my email and I see...

This gets an 'ohmygosh' reaction from me; which doesn't happen every day for one who loves his internet tidbits.  Oh, I almost forgot, I have been deprived my internet due to an ice storm that happened last morn, just thought I would throw that in there...

For those of you who know me personally, you will notice after watching this [Screen Novelties] is breaking new ground.  I have been saying that if Screen Novelties works hard enough they will be the next Laika.  I believe in you guys!
So anyhow check it out right here:
Screen Novelties website:

"A Krampus Christmas" eCard from Screen Novelties on Vimeo.

10 Best Stop Motion Tidbits From 2013

10: Friendship All-Stars of Friendship, and that just goes for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in general.
9: News about Aardman's upcoming Shaun the Sheep Movie.

"FOAMY" by Citoplasmas

Toilet paper rolls and soap bubble, shaving cream and trampolines...
I know what your thinking and no, I am quoting a spell or have gone off my rocker.  I am merely just describing the Citopalasmas' team's new project, FOAMY, or of course you could just read this: "The story of 3 curious WC paper rolls discovering new things." could jus Yeah, I know, um I could of just said that and saved us both the trouble.

So anyway, this film is completely and utterly original unto itself.  It has the great YouTube Stop Motion artist PES' sensibility but yet something that has never been seen before.  But if we think about it for a second, empty toilet paper tubes!  Who would have thought!  I mean that there just always there.  Though, now that I'm thinking on the matter of toilet paper tubes being used for Stop Motion purposes before has been done once before, just not in the same way.  LAIKA sculpted the faces for the living trees in that scene in ParaNorman on toilet t…

"Fabricated" by Brett Foxwell Now on Kickstarter

Before I start this post let me start this post with saying 'Phil Tippets in the Kickstarter video!'  This makes me very excited for reasons that are very obvious.  Phil, pretty much did all the Stop Motion work in the s70 and s80 ILM films.  From building armatures to animating, he's done it all.

"Fabricated" is a short film that's bringing old fashioned Harryhausen techniques of animating Dinosaurs to life by using Stop Motion.  Which is a fantastic idea, in fact i'd love to see the comeback of Stop Motion Dinosaurs and monsters in Hollywood features again.  It would be great.  And Brett Foxwell is taking this on single-handedly.  Brett has finished the principle photography on the film, but, well I let him tell it:

"I did all of this myself, and at long last, photography is complete. The film is eighteen minutes long and it is beautiful. I have completed the final edit of the picture, and for the first time, watched it as a finished piece. It is wo…

2013 Annie Award Nominees (We Have Stop Motion In Here)

Stop Motion in the Annie Awards!  Hip, hip hooray!  Although, It's no surprise that the following entries we're nominated, it's just something different from wishing they we're nominated to seeing the up their with Disney and Universal.  Brad Schaffer, on behalf of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, is down there, so is some Stopmo student films.  It's good stuff, so check it out!
Best Animated Feature A Letter to Momo - 
GKIDSDespicable Me 2 - 
Universal PicturesErnest & Celestine
 - GKIDSFrozen - 
Walt Disney Animation StudiosMonsters University - 
Pixar Animation StudiosThe Croods
 - DreamWorks AnimationThe Wind Rises
 - The Walt Disney StudiosBest Animated Special Production Chipotle Scarecrow
 - Moonbot StudiosListening Is an Act of Love
 - StoryCorpsRoom on the Broom - 
Magic Light PicturesToy Story OF TERROR!
- Pixar Animation StudiosBest Animated Short Subject Despicable Me 2 - Puppy
 - Universal PicturesGet A Horse!
 - Walt Disney Animation StudiosGloria Victoria
 - …

"Friendship All-Stars of Friendship" Season Finale

"It's pretty bright in here, do you think?" "No, it is good reading level.  Ron." "Pretty cool that the sun is so bright.  But you know what?  I'm not afraid of my pupils over-dilating or anything."  Of course I'm talking about Seth Green's wildly successful Stop Motion web series, Friendship All-Stars of Friendship.  This show is hilarious, I'd say just as good as Seth's other projects for Adult Swim and work with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and up there with Portlandia and SNL.

The show was created by Seth Green, Justin Michael, Dan Lippert, and Harry Chaskin.  The premise of every episode is to put two celebrities, who have essentially the same job but have very different ways of doing those jobs.  This, put in a Stop Motion oven comes out with some funny stuff.  I am nerdy enough that I have watched every episode four times, but is well worth looking like a geek.

I have also shared a twitter conversation with Friendship All-Stars.…