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Montreal Stop Motion Film Fest Now Open for Entries!

Hey guys!  Just got an email from the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival where they notified me that they are now open for submissions...

"Our Call for Entries is now open! We are actively seeking stop motion short films for this year's MSMFF. Our submissions deadline has been pushed up this year in order to provide us with sufficient time to plan the best festival experience we can offer! 

The Call for Entries will end on June 20th, 2014.

In addition, this year's edition of the festival will be held a month earlier, on September 26th, 27th and 28th, 2014.

Phil Tippett Discussed "Mad God"

So, this 12 minute epic called Mad God?  Yeah, theres going to be (spoiler!) more than one.  Or so said Phil Tippett in an interview with him on the Cinefex blog that you can find right here:  Don't worry guys!  I've got your back covered as far as Phil and Stop Motion news goes!  Here's what he said about a sequel...

"I did this Kickstarter thing, so we got some funds that paid for the stage rental and lunches for the crew, and we’ve just wrapped up Chapter 1. I’ve got four segments planned out, and each is going to be about twelve minutes long.

Later, in the interview the writer of the Cinefex post Graham Edwards, stated this...

The Kickstarter campaign for Mad God Part 2 is scheduled to launch in early March 2014. Visit the Phil Tippett Facebook page, and the Mad God Facebook page, for regular updates."

So go and read that right now where you get an insight on Phil's mindset when making the film, what he though o…

An Insiders Guide to: The Art of The Title for "THE LEGO MOVIE" (2014)

GUYS!  Stop whatever your doing and go read this article on the making of the Stop Motion title at the end of The Lego Movie including:
A discussion with Creative Director BRIAN MAH, VFX Supervisor JAMES ANDERSON, and Executive Producer KATHY KELEHAN of Alma Mater.

It's a walk-through of the entire process, from design to animation!  And features the whole credits.  Front to back.  It's completely, totally, and fantastically awesome! Go here to check it out:

Domino's "Handmade" by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Lego® Introduces Kids to Stop Motion With 'Lego Movie Maker App'

With the release of the recent CGI Lego Movie, which grossed over $200 million in the worldwide box-office, Lego® decided to encourage kids to make their own Brickfilms with the Lego Movie Maker App.  I think that I can speak for the Stop Motion community and say that with the release of this app, this marketing decision will create a hunger and interest in Stop Motion in kids.  Which, will draw more new Stop Motion into the medium than Stop Motion Geek, or any of the other animation fanboy blogs would have.  I do hope that this means children will start to take interest in the medium, but I can only hope.

Note: I do find it pretty awesome that the end credits for The Lego Movie were %100 Stop Motion, though, why not do the whole movie that way?  Maybe we'll be getting to see more Stop Motion in the sequel, which was confirmed by Variety yesterday.

Download the free app here:
Watch the videos here:…

Stoopid Buddy Has Officially Launched a YouTube Channel

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the creative team behind the Annie nominee Friendship All-Stars of Friendship, has (according to their blog) launched an official Buddy YouTube channel.  Also, they posted this picture which they call a Buddy Round-up...

What’s Buddy Round-Up, you ask? Every Friday, the whole crew gathers ’round the ‘bago (that’s our 1973 Winnebago – it has a permanent home in our indoor campground!) to watch the amazing animation

Kirsten Lepore's Newest Short Film - "Move Mountain" - is a Technical Masterpiece

The most recent film of the incredibly talented stop motion filmmaker Kirsten Lepore, Move Mountain is a marvel, both from a technical and narrative standpoint, grounded firmly in the wordless story of a girl’s journey to cure her debilitating illness.
From the very first scene of the 10-minute-film – Lepore’s CalArts thesis film for her Masters in Fine Arts – the feeling of Kirsten’s growth as an artist seems quite apparent, a feeling which is further enforced when comparing the animation with some of her her earlier short films, Sweet Dreams and Bottle. Boasting much technical achievement – from the countless trees, streams, and other environmental effects populating each shot, to the small army of characters in the cave-rave sequence starting around 4:42Move Mountain seems to also mark a heightening of Kirsten’s technical ambitions and ability. Although one thing that remains consistent – from her earliest work to this film – is Kirsten’s charming and pleasantly naïve artistic vo…

Mad God Now On DVD

Hmm...  Remember that little Stop Motion epic called Mad God?  Yeah, the one by the ILM legend Phil Tippett.  Well, good news!  It's finally for sale!  Part one of this futuristic adventure is $14.  And for those doing your math at home thats not much!  Think of the other things $14 would buy you: a pair of jeans, a couple bags of chips, flip flops...  so put your money towards good use and buy yourself a treat!  After all, Phil Tippett is the creator of the Taun Taun and is responsible for the Stop Motion effects in huge blockbusters like The Empire Strikes Back, RoboCop (1987), and many, many more!

Plot outline:
Follow The Assassin through a forbidding world of tortured souls, decrepit bunkers, and wretched monstrosities forged from the most primordial horrors of the subconscious mind. Every set, creature, and effigy in this macabre masterpiece is hand-crafted and painstakingly animated using traditional stop-motion techniques. MAD GOD is a labor of love, a testament to the powe…

"Pluto and the Vessel" Short Film

Pluto and the Vessel, a short film by Harrison Browning.  It's incredible.  The storytelling aspect is very intriguing, engaging, and frighting!  Featuring incredibly animated shots and scenes, this is a must see!  Let me add that you've never seen anything like this.  DISCLAIMER: you may go off to have nightmares after watching!  You've been warned.

"A bald, bearded man, carrying only a tank on his back and a lantern in his hand, progresses from one space to another in order to complete some mundane, yet dubious task. The actions and spaces are minimal, and they serve to highlight specific changes in mood and atmosphere. More importantly though, these subtle, naïve, and often unassuming gestures serve to question who, or what, or where is “the vessel” at any given moment. The film treats all its parts- body, space, and object, as interchangeable and porous in their interactions; nothing is a vessel, everything is a vessel."


Lego's "The Hobbit, Middle-earth Motors" Stop Motion Commercial

I think it's fair to say that everyone love Tolkien and Legos, why not combine these to loves?  "Why not?"  Thought Lego.  Thus Middle-eath Motors, a Stop Motion race between Gandalf and Radagast, enough said...  Also, I think that this is some very well done animation, or brickfilming, based upon who you talk to.

Middle-earth Motors:

Feature Film: "Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story"

After what has seemed like a drought of Stop Motion feature films over the past year or so we finally get some news!  Lisa Limone and Moroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story, is a 72 minute Stop Motion opera.  Yes, you heard me right.  Opera!  It would seem that this Estonian flick is breaking ground in the Stop Motion world.  From what we can see in the trailer, it is a beautifully animated film featuring  fruit-heads on top of human bodies, a very interesting concept.  The plot:
"Main hero is a singing boat refugee – orange boy Maroc. He dreams about freedom. Lemon girl Lisa collects singing seashells and dreams about love. Lisa’s father is a businessman, owner of a ketchup factory and tomato plantation. He loves money. And so the opera begins: Poor Maroc escapes from his homeland and defying stormy waters take a boat across the sea to the “promised land”. Upon arrival he is forced being a slave worker in a tomato plantation instead of freedom, democracy, wealth and parties he had hop…

"MARILYN MYLLER" Mini Making of

More Mikey Please goodness?!  It's getting to be too much, the awesomeness thats being produced!  It makes the rest of use filmmakers look bad!

Also, have a happy Valentine's Day day everyone!  If you are in fact reading this on Valentine's Day.  If your not, then happy whatever holiday it is!
MARILYN MYLLER - Mini Making: Light Effects from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

"Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story" Now Online!

Mmm... finally we get to see Blank: A Vynlmation Love Story in full!  After Disney hinted in August with a trailer for the new Blank miniseries they have finally released it online.  (I've covered Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story in a previous post which you should go read to learn more about it.)  You can watch the 38-minute long film exclusively on Google Play and the Google Play app for free.  On February 14, Blank will screen at the Al Capitan Theater for a limited time in Hollywood.

Google encourages viewers to share frames from the film at, after sharing, you unlock a second film entitled Cranes in Love.  Which is specifically for Google users only.


Stuff To Weird You Out: Lay's "Wouldn't It Be Yummy?" Stop Motion Commercial

I wonder how many of you fellow humans would agree with me that this Lay's Wouldn't It Be Yummy? commercial is kind of disturbing.  I'm not going to spoil anything for you but, this is just plain strange!  Watch it, and comment about what you think of singing ice cream cones.


Though it does bring the Sweetish Chef's 'singing food' from The Muppet Show to mind.

"Sound of Horns" Music Video

This is the official music video for Candice Gordon, an amazingly talented musician, for her Sound of Horns.  It's produced by Shane MacGowan.  It combines use of Stop Motion paint on puppet parts and After Effects.  It may be too weird for you but this music is FANTASTIC!  It has a very strange appealing vibe which gives it a life of it's own.
One word of advice before watching, prepare to be blown away!

Also, it's worth checking out her website:

CANDICE GORDON | Sound of Horns from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

Making of:
Sound of Horns | Making of from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" End Credits

A few nights ago I sat down and watched the sequel to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs; correctly titled Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  And, I must say... it was enjoyable and entertaining.  Though the first film was comedic brilliance animated, dubbed, and packed in a box we like to call a movie.  Cloudy 2 wasn't any where near as good as the first one but on the other hand the original directors/writers of the first film, Phil Lord and Chris Miller didn't direct the sequel.  But they are the creative team behind the recently released The Lego Movie.  Which looks great and is getting incredibly positive reviews from the critics.  So, i am excited to partake in that movie experience.  All the 'end credits' work was done by the amazing people over a Screen Novelties.

Lots of cool stuff here in the end credits including grown men in strawberry suits, puppets, and of course, Stop Motion.  So grab a snack and enjoy!

End Credits "…

"Fordtacular Spectacular" Making of Video

I've already spoken about Cuppa Coffee's Fordtacular Spectacular in another post so if you haven't already read it go here: Do it!  Do it now!  Then come back and watch the video below.

Though what I did not know is that there was a 'making of' video including BTS on sets, a interview with the director (Adam Shaheen).  He states that it took a team of 10 people who were sculptors, set and prop builders and animators.  It took about two weeks to complete a 90s film, which is a relatively fast in Stop Motion terms.

Your browser does not support frames. Click here to view the frameless video..

Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" Will be Rereleased on February 18th

The Citerion Collection, on the 18th of this month is going to rerelease what I like to call, 'the most perfect Stop Motion film ever made' also known as Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I'm pretty sure that you've heard me go on, and on about how much I like this film so theres no need for me to repeat it.  For Citerion, it's a big deal because of it being their first animated film to rereleased; they have been around since 1984!  In case you weren't aware, according to Wikipedia:

"The Citerion Collection is dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in a editions of the highest technical quality, with supplemental features that enhance the appreciation of the art of the film.  Citerion is noted for helping to standardize the letterbox format
for widescreen films, bonus features, and special editions for home video."

That being said, I am super excited to see the bonus features.  Though I don't care much for higher q…

Arthur Rankin Jr. Dies At 89

Chances are if you've been alive longer than two years you have seen classic Holiday television specials such as Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  All of these brilliant pieces of history were created by Arthur Rankin Jr. and his partner Jules Bass.  This brilliant man later created adoptions of J. R. R Tolken's Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit.  The Royal Gazette reported that last night in his home in Bermuda.  And according to Animation Magazine:

"Born in New York in 1924, Rankin was a self-made filmmaker who began his entertainment career as art director at ABC in the late ’40s before founding Videocraft International (later Rankin/Bass) in 1960. The duo revolutionized the industry opinion of stop-motion craft with the release ofRudolph. Rankin also wrote, produced or directed over a dozen feature films as well as traditionally animated TV series ThunderCatsandSilverHawks, among 1,000-plus other productions for tel…

41st Annie Award Winners!

Best Animated Feature
Frozen - Walt Disney Animation StudiosBest Animated Special Production Chipotle Scarecrow - Chipotle Creative Department, Moonbot Studios, CAA MarketingBest Animated Short Subject
Get A Horse! - Walt Disney Animation StudiosBest Animated TV/Broadcast Commercial

Despicable Me 2 - Cinemark - Illumination Entertainment/UniversalBest General Audience Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Preschool Children

Disney Sofia the First - Disney Television AnimationBest Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Children’s Audience

Adventure Time - Cartoon Network Studios

The 41st Annie Awards Are On Tonight!

Reved up?  You should be because the 41st Annie Awards are tonight!  You can watch them being streamed on their website by clicking the link:  Also, Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld) is hosting them so theres that to look forward too!

Though until then you can sit back with a bag of american brand o' popcorn goodness and read the nominations below...
PRODUCTION CATEGORIES___________________________ Best Animated Feature A Letter to Momo - GKIDSDespicable Me 2 - Illumination Entertainment/Universal PicturesErnest & Celestine - GKIDSFrozen - Walt Disney Animation StudiosMonsters University - Pixar Animation StudiosThe Croods - DreamWorks AnimationThe Wind Rises - Studio Ghibli/Touchstone PicturesBest Animated Special Production Chipotle Scarecrow - Chipotle Creative Department, Moonbot Studios, CAA MarketingListening Is an Act of Love - StoryCorpsRoom on the Broom - Magic Light PicturesToy Story OF TERROR! - Pixar Animation Studios

"Junk Head 1"

Fundraise the sequel:
Director - story/camera/puppet/set/sound/voice Takahide Hori
CG - Norikatsu Seo
Subtitles - Emily Balistrieri