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Feature Films: "Lucy and the Anvil"

Concept art for Lucy and the Anvil
Very recently, Shadow Machine Studios (the production behind the upcoming Hell & Back, and Pinocchio), leaked out a hint to what could very much be their next feature via their website.  This project, entitled Lucy and the Anvil.  Which is a successful book by Adam Kline and Brian Taylor.

All [Shadow Machine] gives us to go on is a synopsis of the film and a few stills of concept art; both of which you can take a look at below.
This puzzles me.  The last news we got about Shadow Machine was in 2012; where Variety released the information about the upcoming Pinocchio feature directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

My assumption is that Tim Burton's unsuccessful, (in box office terms), Frankenweenie killed the Pinocchio production.  I do think that we will see Hell & Back, but it will probably be a TV release.  Though, these of course are just my educated conclusions and I cannot justify any of them.  Lucy and the Anvil could be a feature, it could be a short film; it could be Stop Motion, or 2d hand-drawn, or CGI; it could be a small projection or a big budget project with an theatrical release.  Whatever it is will surely come forth, eventually.  Sadly, only time will tell.

"When a lonely anvil finally makes a friend, his own preconceived notions of friendship quickly prove him a failure.  Only when an epic story threatens to snatch Lucky away does the anvil realized his gift.

No one's good at everything, but we're all good at something.  And sometimes, one small talent makes all the difference in the world"

Read the very peculiar press release over on Shadow Machine's website:

The following are stills from their website...

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