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PES Is Kickstarting a New Film - "Submarine Sandwich"

PES, the Oscar® nominated YouTube artist is doing his first Kickstarter.  He is one of the most accomplished and widely-known content creators currently making internet videos.  His film Fresh Guacamole was the shortest short film ever to be nominated for an Oscar®.  Plus his short Western Spaghetti was voted Time Magazine's 2# best Internet video of 2008.  To sum it up, this flick, if funded, will be stupendous!

His goal is to raise $30,000.  Currently, 2 days into the campaign, he's already at over $6,500.

PES states, 'The only way for me to get my head and into the world is through this crazy process called Stop Motion animation.  Stop Motion is a way to bring inanimate objects to life.  It's an epic process to make a film like this.  Everything that is put on film is real.  It's in front of the camera. - There's no CGI in my videos!'  Honestly, I really appreciate PES paving the way for the rest of us creators by explaining Stopmo in a 4 sentence statement, in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion.

He really does a very good job in the video of summing up what true content creators strive for, 'I believe that short, re-watchable things have the power to move us.  When I can make that happen, that's magic.'

Submarine Sandwich Kickstarter page:

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