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CGI/ Stop Motion "The Little Prince" Trailer is Here

Mark Osborne's (Kung Fu Panda) has released the first trailer for his next movie The Little Prince.  The trailer is spectacular.  The film is a mix of 2D hand drawn, paper cut-out Stop Motion, puppet
Stop Motion, and CGI.  Which is pretty risky in this day and age.  Now, anything with 2D or Stop Motion is an immediate red-flag; needless to say, this film (the Stop Motion side of it) will be beautiful.  Although in the trailer we see a CGI little girl imagine a hand drawn plane, which turns into a paper cut-out plane, and then morphs into a Stop Motion puppet that becomes The Little Prince.  CGI, in my opinion, was not the way to go with this project -- or so I thought.  Now that I see the fusion process in realtime my view has shifted a little.  Although my rule still stands, if you don't have a huge budget for CGI then don't do it!  The Little Prince trailer, though, did still pull it off; yes, it could be tweaked, but I have confidence in Osborne and his ability to pull of CG.
....But the Stop Motion!!!  It's just beautiful!  One of my favorite things to watch is his flowing scarf, the animation on it is just fantastic!

I read The Little Prince, a French children's novella little over a year ago.  The Little Prince was first published in 1943 and was the most famous work of the French poet and writer Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry.  My review on it was 4.3 out of 10.0 (approximately).  The story was interesting.  A fantasy of a man in WWI who's plane has crashed and he is trying to fix it, when, a young boy comes and comforts the man.  The boy then tells the man his fantastic story of space exploration -- a metaphor for the times.  I recommend it if you find that sort of story (or just out of curiosity) but warn you, it stands a period piece and so you really have to understand the subject matter otherwise your view of it could be twisted.

There are shots animated by Evan DeRushie, Dale Hayward, Sylvie Trouve, Philip Tardif, Payton Curtis, and Anthony Scott.  Scott was the animation supervisor for the Stop Motion bits.  The film will not be out for a year and so we still have some time to wait unit we get the project in more detail.

The Little Prince Trailer

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