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"Canhead" Now Achieved a Stop Motion Geek Award!

Canhead, is a 1995 Claymation short flick created and produced by Timothy Hittle.  It looks like animation from the '70s/'80s or something straight out of George Pal's Puppetoons.  I think it is an amazing work of art, and also showcases some of the best animation with clay I have ever seen; in fact the animation trumps that of which is in Wallace & Gromit: a close shave which also performs amazing work.  The emotion is totally over the top an the way Timothy got a clay figure to perform in such a way is just outstanding.  I could gush over this work all day.

What strikes me as interesting is
the giant monster/robot that attacks the main character; that of which we have seen in every episode of Cartoon Network's Regular Show.  Enjoy, thank me for suggesting it to you in the comments or in an email; also thank Timothy either in the comments below or in the comments below his video.


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