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Geek Week's "Adventure Time" LEGO Stop Motion [UPDATED]

I love Pen Ward's Adventure Time.  It is in fact one of the few children's shows that I can watch.  By the way it's Geek Week over at YouTube, and it just so happens that this is Stop Motion Geek.  Anyway Cartoon Network released an Adventure Time LEGO Main Title, and it just so happens that it's Stop Motion.  Which makes me very happy that I can finally post SOMETHING concerning Adventure Time.  By the way thank you Pen Ward for creating Adventure Time, keep up the awesome work!


Here is Pen talking about the making of Adventure Time, aka Next Generation Animation.


[UPDATED VERSION] So, it just so happens that all the animation was done by Screen Novelties (who SMG is currently interviewing) they released
some behind the scenes pictures that I posted below.

SN website:
A smattering of Lego puppets for your enjoyment

Here's Chris showing Nate how legos work.

Why is Kei smiling?  Cuz it's Legos!

Kelly & John... our dynamic duo pushing things around.

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