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"All New Adventures of Morph" Kickstarter

Yes, you read the title right, Aardman has finally decided that they will bring back Morph in a new animated series.  Morph, in case you didn't know was created by Peter Lord and David Sproxton,  he [Morph] was one of the first and finest characters Aardman ever created.  In the very first episode of Morph the plot line was simple enough: Morph would plot about and tip things over on a desk.   This lovable character who was created 30 years ago is now making a comeback in British culture and cultures around the world.  Peter explains that they are an indie company who usually have partners for all their projects, but for this one they wanted to do something special: with having brought half of the budget themselves, they have decided to leave it up to the fans of Morph, both new and old, fund and be partners for this projects.  There goal is 75,000 Euros and there currently they have 4,926 Euros.  A few of the awesome prizes there offering include: a Morph print signed by Peter Lord, a Morph t-shirt, you Morph likeness (a clay model of yourself in the likeness of Morph), Google Plus Model Making hangout, and many others.  Please check out their Kickstarter page for more info and to watch the Kickstarter video:

Aardman website:

Making Morph: each Morph puppet is sculpted by hand out of clay.

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