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"Shaun the Sheep's" Mossy Farm Book Series

Aardman and Walker Entertainment are calibrating on a new book series for kid's based off the Shaun the Sheep characters.  The popular Aardman character Shaun the Sheep, who first premiered in the Wallace & Gromit adventure A Close Shave and then Shaun achieved his own children's television show also name Shaun the Sheep.  This has led to the upcoming Shaun the Sheep movie, but leading up to then is the 2014 book Mossy Bottom Farm.
According to the Aardman website Rob Goodchild, Head of Licensing at Aardman said this:

'We are delighted to be working with Walker Books at such an exciting time for them and for Shaun the Sheep. The Mossy Bottom Farm series will bring brand new stories and characters from Shaun’s world to a range of young fiction books. We know how much families enjoy watching the TV show and are sure they will take the same pleasure from reading these books together. ‘
\Walker Book's previous publishing achievements have consisted of Hank Zipzer, Tilly and Friends, and Abney and Teal.  the book will obviously evolve around the 'Shaun' characters like Bitzer, the Farmer, Timmy, and many more.  I hope that this is book series will lead to good thing for Aardman, but I also hope that Aardman doesn't assume the power that Disney has and decides to capitalize on all of there previous and upcoming successes only for the money.
Mossy Bottom Farm

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