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"Monster Slayer" Live Action/Stop Motion Short Film

Monster Slayer is a short film written and directed by Caskey Ebeling.  So, just to start off, the first time I watched Monster Slayer I was blow away by how captivating and original the content is.  The film (for me at least) hits a Woody Allen/Wes Anderson feel, which is maybe why I like it so much.  The premise is this "Every morning, Ben is visited by a motley crew of imaginary playmates, products of his psychiatric disorder. Embodiments of the best and worst in Ben, these hallucinations both bring him comfort and create chaos. This forces Ben to make a difficult choice: continue to live in his fantasy world, or confront reality, by taking a pill that will destroy his imaginary world." The creatures include Lug, who is a harry one eyed beast, and Chip, a man/demon who turns on Ben once in a while.
It's a really great story with really great VFX, I should mention that all the effects are STop Motion and we're created and shot by the former Buddy System Studios, but who are now Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

After watching the film go and watch/look at the BTS pictures and videos, all of which I've posted below.

Behind the scenes videos/pictures -


Unfortunately, the embed code for the real juicy puppet/animation wouldn't work, but here's the link.


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