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A Year of Stop Motion Geek! (Plus 5 of the Best Upcoming Stop Motion Films)

It's bananas to think that I've been doing this for a year!  I launched Stop Motion Geek on April 11, 2013, so, I guess that it has in fact been a year.

Someone once said that 80% of all businesses fail in there first year.  Well, I'm not sure if that guy's dead, or unfamiliar with the tendencies of geeks, if he was he never would have said such a thing.

I really want to take a second and thank you, the fans of Stop Motion.  Then, I'll tell you what upcoming flicks I'm most excited for that's coming up pretty soon.  You fans, are amazing!  If it weren't for you visiting the site on the weekends or weekdays, to see what crazy short film I've found or what the next big feature will be, (by the way, it's The BoxTrolls 100%) there wouldn't be a Stop Motion Geek. The fact that there is a hunger for this medium just floors me, it's great!  I don't make a dime blogging, and that's fine with me!  It's great to have found a small group of a you who love Stop Motion.  So, I just can't thank you enough for your support and just reading the blog.  You guys are just so awesome, and I can't thank you enough for that!

Now enough sap!  Lets git down to business the following are 5 of the things that I'm most excited to see (and I'm sure you are too), so enjoy!
Side note: I did not bother to number them because they're all fantastic and I didn't want to belittle any of these amazing projects.

I'm sure I've made clear to you my feelings on Laika's The BoxTrolls so there's no use in rambling on more about it.
The BoxTrolls
We just recently recently got to see the tester trailer for Aardman's 2015 film Shaun the Sheep the Movie, and I could not be more excited to see it!  Go watch the trailer if you have not already right here.
Shaun the Sheep the Movie

 I think Phil Tippet is doing a great job with his passion project Mad God.  The films will be split up into four parts altogether; therefore, I am very curious to the rest of the epic.
Phil Tippet animating on a set for Mad God

Even though it's live action, I'm so stoked for Henry Selick's upcoming film A Tale Dark & Grimm.  I can't wait for a trailer or an official poster for the film.
Henry Selick's A Tale Dark & Grimm

Auntie Claus the movie.  Which was recently successfully Kickstarted, you can go here and watch the BTS video for the making of the trailer.
Auntie Claus
A. H. Uriah 

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