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Short Flicks: "Cravendale"

Few commercials conjure up this hilarious of an idea and successfully capture it on the small (or big) screen.  Saying that, I can sincerely say that this Stop Motion/puppet Cravendale commercial does capture this feeling whilst throwing in a playful and interesting mood into the mix.


Cravendale from Matthew Day on Vimeo.


Cravendale-The Making Of from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.

Directed by: Joseph Mann & Andrew Thomas Huang
Produced by: BLINKINK
Executive Producer: James Stevenson Bretton
Producer: Benjamin Lole
1st AD: James Emmott
DOP: Matt Day
1st Assistant Camera: Mark Nutkins
Art Director: Gordon Allen
Interior Sets: Yamination
Puppet Makers: Andy Gent at Arch Model Studios
Model Makers: Gee Staughton
Joe Kirton: Colin Armitage
Sculptors/Painters: Araba Ocran, Christie Matta,Fiona Rourke,Sonya Yu,Laura Vickery
Scenic Artist: Eugenie Neilson
Set Dressers: Jen Newman,Rose Popham,Morgan Faverty
Design Consultant: John Lee
Puppetry: Jonny Sabbagh,Will Harper
Forrest puppets made by: Jonny Sabbagh,Will Harper
Assistant Puppeteer: Ben Irwin
Stop-Motion Animator: Andy Biddle
Studio: Clapham Road Studios
Studio Manager: Elizabeth Day
Studio Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Post Production: Blinkink Studio
Editor: Simone Ghillardotti
DIT: Felip Dolomansky
Lead Compositor/Technical Director: Alasdair Brotherston
Compositors: Leo Bridle,Felip Dolomansky,Simone Ghillardotti,Andrew Thomas Huang
Produced by: BLINKINK
2D-effect animation: Joseph Sparkes
Grade: Finish
Colourist: Paul Harrison,Julien Baird
Music & Sound Design: Tin Drum/WAVE
Sound Producer: Nick Nash
Composer: Martyn Jacques
Sound Designer & Mixer: Aaron Reynolds @ WAVE
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative Director: Sam Heath
Agency Producer: Lou Hake
Copywriter: Max Batten
Art Director: Ben Shaffrey

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