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Auntie Claus: The Movie Kickstarter

The San Francisco Bay located Athena Studios have come together the book's author Elise Primavera to develop a Stop Motion trailer which they will use to pitch the Auntie Clause Movie to a major distributor.

Right now they have a possible release date of November, 2016 which, for those of you who are slow means that Antha will be working there butts off to get you an Auntie Claus movie in the next three years.  This I can believe because if you look at Henry Selick's Coraline you will see that it took LAIKA three years to produce Coraline.

Anthena is trying to raise $38,000 in 25 days.  Currently, they have raised $8,000.
The films crew is listed below:
Jon Peters | Producer,
Brice Parker | Producer,
Kat Alioshin | Production Manager,

Pete Kozachik | Director of Photography,
Tom Proost | Art Director,
Lauren Vogt | Model-Making and Puppet Fabrication,
Tim Taylor | Cinematographer and Motion Control Engineer,
Merrick Cheney | Armature Builder,
Nick Blake | Modelmaker, Rigger,
Victoria Rose Zalewski | Puppet Design and Fabrication,
Katy Moore-Kozachik | Scenic Artist,
Damon Bard | Character Sculptor,
together creating a team that has worked on projects such as Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and The Giant Peach, Star Trek, Frankenweenie, Robocop, Robocop 2, Corpse Bride, not to mention a bunch of other compleatly awesome stuff.

The Kickstarter video:

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