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SMG's Next Project

So, no doubt you've wondered when you will be able to see some work from Stop Motion Geek.  Well, the answer is soon.

The project that I am working on is currently being call by my self The Cardboard Arcade.  It's a short piece full of senseless violence, none the less awesome, and is fueled by my love for outdated arcade games, you know the ones that you would have to jam down on the joystick to get PAC-Man to move.

I've been thinking about you guys and thought that you may enjoy so BTS pictures, well I don't want to spoil the plot but if you look under this type you may find the first few storyboard frames...

My process with storyboarding is simple.  I try to retain it's home-made feel and tend to say clear of storyboarding software.  You can see that my operation is simplicity it's self, all I use is a legal pad, pencil, eraser, and my brain.  Similar to Cartoon Network Studios, I don't write a script and go straight to storyboarding, simple and to the point.  Any story problems can be cleared-up later.

Since the only material I use in this project is cardboard, the next step to take is to design and produce the characters and prop that will be scene in the film.  Below, is an arcade game made entirely out of cardboard.  I'm trying to get an original taste with this film which is the reason I'm only using cardboard  and a designed box-like realism. 

Now looking at this picture over again I can quite distinctly see Gromits figure in the background, ans as always the wonderful book The World Of Wasington Irving.

So now you may have a brief look of my creative process in making a film.  I hesitate to show you more because it might give away the plot of this 2 minute piece.

I planned for this to be out by Halloween, but as I'm finding it difficult to find time to work on this it might be delayed.

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