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"Cardboard Arcade" Test Animation

In this post I announced that I am making a short flick entitled Cardboard Arcade.  Today, I decided to do some test animation on a recently made puppet.  It looks a little rough, thats because this what I like to call a "practice set" it isn't painted (neither puppet nor set) and I didn't do any post-production on it.  So, you will see some wires and light changes, don't expect to see any of these things in the actual film.

Also, a quick announcement: due to not getting enough spare time to animate don't anticipate to see the film before November 10, but I'd love to get it out sooner if I can.

This puppet is made entirely out of cardboard, the worlds most useful material, hot glue, and wire.  And it worked perfectly, no regrets.  I used steel wool as the gravel that he's kicking up, and cotton as his breath.
Video link:
SMG on Vimeo:

"Cardboard Arcade" Test Animation #1 from SMG on Vimeo.

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