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"Cardboard Arcade" Making Of & Storyboard Comparison

First of all I want to say thank you for all of your positive feedback with Cardboard Arcade.  I just want you to know that I do have two other projects that I'm working on right now (one in development and one in production.)  But I will try to stay in touch with y'all.

Anyhow, enough chatter.  Let's jump right into it!  This is the Storyboard Comparison between Cardboard Arcade and my many, many drawings:

Cardboard Arcade Storyboard Comparison from SMG on Vimeo.

I did take a few 'making of' pictures.  But I took them near the end of production.  I only wish I had done a 'puppet making' time laps.  That would have been bananas!

Here we have the rigging behind the running puppet near the end of the film, with the monster chasing him/her (not really sure of the gender.)

This is the fire replacements that were used in the background for two, I think, different shots.

 This is the remaining half of the monster arm next to a Bart Simpson Pes for size comparison.  The other half fell apart during shooting.

Again size comparison.

What's different about this puppet is I had replacement mouths and eyes; I prefer replacements to a solid figure.

A key that we see briefly at the second to last shot.

And here is the Arcade, not very fancy.  And it looks way more spacious in the film.

Also, Darth Vador made a cameo in the film, look closely and you may see him.

Cardboard Arcade:

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