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My Unsent Letter to The Stop Motion God Henry Selick

The following is my unsent letter to the Stop Motion legend Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas, James and The Giant Peach Coraline, Monkeybone, The Shadow King, and upcoming A Tale Dark & Grimm).  I wrote this in early August of 2013, (before the news about him directing A Tale Dark & Grimm).  And Henry, if your out their reading this please let me know.

Dear Henry Selick,
My name is A. H. Uriah.  I am an enormous fan of your work.  In fact, your flick Coraline inspired me to write a blog dedicated to the art of Stop Motion.  My question is when can we see The Shadow King, or another Selick/Cinderbiter feature or production?  I read what you said about CGI animated films and how they are very much the same.  Also, I saw in May on Rotten Tomatoes that The Shadow King only had a 64% on how many persons wanted to see it.  This discouraged me; because it would seem that after Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox failed box office wise it has been a a slippery slope to get Stop Motion features funded.  In this current situation we are in it would seem that the only place Stop Motion is accepted is Adult Swim.  Will this gain a hunger for Stop Motion from the new generation? -Short answer: no.  I am working on a few indie Stop Motion TV show, and a miniseries.  Which I hope if we can get a great result for a small budget it would start to give producers for Netflix and Hulu faith in Stop Motion.  This is a big if, but other than that i'm not really sure what other route of action to take.

Upon reading this letter I realize it has turned from a question to a short history on the current situation in this point in animation history, to a one-manned hope to get a love and following from parents, children, and other audiences.  I wish to see productions from Cinderbiter in the near future.  Stop Motion has been dying for 18 years, since the release of Toy Story.  Why must the public, a large audience of children 2-12 settle for SpongeBob like terrible CGI movies by Dreamworks and other studios that are absolutely awful.  Anyway, my mind will keep throwing around this question for forever.

I hope this letter finds you well.

A. H. Uriah

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