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"Mooon" & "Tim Horton's Coffee"

Mooon, is a short film by James Kwan.  And, I don't really want to spoil anything for you but I will say it's awesome, and very original.  I also think that it is some of the best puppet animation I've seen recently.

The second short film I'm going to give to you to watch isn't a short, it's a commercial for Tim Horton's.  You don't have to watch far into it until you realize how much time it must have took to make.  Credits are as follows:
Chief Creative & Integration Officer: Brent Choi
Executive Creative Director: Paul Wales
Art Director: Andy Brokenshire
Copywriter: Jed Churcher Planners: Doug Poad, Chantaie Allick
Head of Production: Pam Portsmouth
Account Team: Scott Miskie, Renee Ray, Cameron Stark
Directors: Alan Poon, Eric Malika, Robin Nishio
Animators: Dale Hayward and Evan Derushie
Production Company: Common Good / Radke Films
Post-Production: Common Good / Alter Ego/ SAUCE
Production Editing House: Common Good / SAUCE
Production Music House: Grayson Matthews
Media Agency: MindshareLink:

I found both of these films on the Dragonframe Blog, and in case you don't know, Dragonframe is basically the industry standard for a frame grabber.  Check it out right here: there is a lot of cool inspiring stuff for you to read up on.

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