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"Friendship All-Stars of Friendship" Season Finale

"It's pretty bright in here, do you think?" "No, it is good reading level.  Ron." "Pretty cool that the sun is so bright.  But you know what?  I'm not afraid of my pupils over-dilating or anything."  Of course I'm talking about Seth Green's wildly successful Stop Motion web series, Friendship All-Stars of Friendship.  This show is hilarious, I'd say just as good as Seth's other projects for Adult Swim and work with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and up there with Portlandia and SNL.

The show was created by Seth Green, Justin Michael, Dan Lippert, and Harry Chaskin.  The premise of every episode is to put two celebrities, who have essentially the same job but have very different ways of doing those jobs.  This, put in a Stop Motion oven comes out with some funny stuff.  I am nerdy enough that I have watched every episode four times, but is well worth looking like a geek.

I have also shared a twitter conversation with Friendship All-Stars...
A. H. Uriah@kartoon_lord
Just watched the most recent @FriendAllStars. I'm stuck with 'Reginald on the beat' in my head for least 4… - 01 Dec
Friendship All-Stars@FriendAllStars
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@kartoon_lord Then our work here is done!
08:06 PM - 02 Dec 13
Not much but still, incredible, that Stoopid Buddy and the folks over a LStudio care enough to reply to a fan-tweet.  This is all, of course, a segway to have you guy go over to to watch and enjoy the season finale put up their by Stoopid Buddy.

Video link:
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios:

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