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"Fabricated" by Brett Foxwell Now on Kickstarter

Before I start this post let me start this post with saying 'Phil Tippets in the Kickstarter video!'  This makes me very excited for reasons that are very obvious.  Phil, pretty much did all the Stop Motion work in the s70 and s80 ILM films.  From building armatures to animating, he's done it all.

"Fabricated" is a short film that's bringing old fashioned Harryhausen techniques of animating Dinosaurs to life by using Stop Motion.  Which is a fantastic idea, in fact i'd love to see the comeback of Stop Motion Dinosaurs and monsters in Hollywood features again.  It would be great.  And Brett Foxwell is taking this on single-handedly.  Brett has finished the principle photography on the film, but, well I let him tell it:

"I did all of this myself, and at long last, photography is complete. The film is eighteen minutes long and it is beautiful. I have completed the final edit of the picture, and for the first time, watched it as a finished piece. It is wonderful, epic, otherworldly, cinematic,  
...and it doesn't make a peep. 
It needs sound design and music. A film cannot truly come alive without sound and this one needs a lot of detailed sound design and a musical score, as well as color-timing for the picture.
The budget is roughly as follows:
  • Professional Sound Design for a 18:00 stop-motion film:         $7000          
  • Original musical score for the film:                                               $3000 
  • Color-timing and fulfillment costs:                                                $2000
With this, I will be able to hire a sound designer, a composer and a colorist to complete the film. Any funds above this goal will help me to get even better sound, music and color. I plan to have the film fully completed by June 2014. "
So, as you can see, he needs money to start/finish sound design.  And I know, there's nothing more annoying than a half-baked project, trust me, it sucks.  As usual, I'm not going to push you to do one thing or another here, it's 100% your choice.

Brett's/Fabricated's website:

'Fabricated' Stop Motion excerpt reel:

'Fabricated' stop-motion excerpt reel from bfophoto on Vimeo.

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