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10 Best Stop Motion Tidbits From 2013

10: Friendship All-Stars of Friendship, and that just goes for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in general.
Friendship All-Stars
9: News about Aardman's upcoming Shaun the Sheep Movie.
Shaun the Sheep Movie

8: The announcement of Athena Studios' film and Kickstarter for Auntie Claus.
Auntie Claus
7: The Little Prince feature flick announcement.
The Little Prince
6: Henry Selick's The Shadow King was ripped from our hands, probably we won't hear much news about it anytime soon.  But at least we got A Tale Dark & Grimm out of the hassle.
A Tale Dark & Grimm
5: O Apóstolo
O Apóstolo

3. Armikrog, this Kickstarter project by Doug TenNaple is breaking the rules as far as Stop Motion boundaries go.  A fully Stop Motion video game.  Nuff said.
2. iStopMotion for the iPad.  I use this $10 app almost every time I'm animating.  It has a very similar feel/look when compared to iStopMotion 3, which is also essential software when animating.
iStopMotion for the iPad
1. And my #1 best tidbit from 2013 is... Vine.
Twitter's Vine, well, I can't say enough good things about.  It has not only opened the door to the art form to a new generation but has also supplied the software, for free!  If you are new to Stop Motion, Vine is possibly the best way to learn how to make and finish a six second movie.  I highly recommend getting an account.
Twitter's Vine
Note: You may be wondering why I didn't put any short flicks in this list.  Well, I'm going to write a post entitled The Top 15 Most Awesome Stopmo Short Films, so theres that, just look out for it.

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