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"FOAMY" by Citoplasmas

Toilet paper rolls and soap bubble, shaving cream and trampolines...
I know what your thinking and no, I am quoting a spell or have gone off my rocker.  I am merely just describing the Citopalasmas' team's new project, FOAMY, or of course you could just read this: "The story of 3 curious WC paper rolls discovering new things." could jus Yeah, I know, um I could of just said that and saved us both the trouble.

So anyway, this film is completely and utterly original unto itself.  It has the great YouTube Stop Motion artist PES' sensibility but yet something that has never been seen before.  But if we think about it for a second, empty toilet paper tubes!  Who would have thought!  I mean that there just always there.  Though, now that I'm thinking on the matter of toilet paper tubes being used for Stop Motion purposes before has been done once before, just not in the same way.  LAIKA sculpted the faces for the living trees in that scene in ParaNorman on toilet tubes.  That's it.  One example.  I believe that the folks over at Citoplasmas just opened up a new art form of using consciously shaped toilet tubes as living, breathing characters, a whole new array of Stop Motion possibilities.


FOAMY from citoplasmas on Vimeo.

Voices by: NĂºria Parera, Carlos Puertas, Edu Puertas
Music, foamy theme by: Aleix Elizalde, Albert Riera, Pablo del Canto, Xavier Manjarin
Music, hard december by: Teru
Rig armatures by:
In colaboration with:

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