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Aardman Will Create New Seasons for "Shaun the Sheep" and "Timmy Time" Exclusively Amazon Prime

Aardman, the incredibly talented creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and the Shaun spin-off preschool series Timmy Time.  Aardman has recently signed a deal for its content to stream exclusively in the United States on the Amazon Prime Instant Video service.  This deal will include new, Amazon-only seasons and specials for Shaun and Timmy, though Wallace & Gromit: Curse of The Ware-Rabbit won't have a debut on Prime because technically Dreamworks Animation owns the rights to the property.

Anyway, this is big news as far as I'm concerned and a great marketing strategy for The Shaun the Sheep Movie that's coming out early next year.  Not only will they be prepping viewers for the new flick, they'll also bring in new fans to the classic Aardman style.

The Shaun the Sheep Movie is due out March 20th, 2015.
The Shaun the Sheep Movie

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