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"The BoxTrolls" Official Final Trailer is Here

This trailer, unlike it's predecessors, gives us the first real look at the plot and the world of The BoxTrolls.

Based on the book by Alan Snow, it tells the story of a young boy taken in by the secretive and underground-dwelling BoxTrolls, who hide from humans inside the cardboard containers they wear as clothes.  When he grows into a teen, Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) has to re-enter the world above to stop a villain from ridding the town of his extended troll family.

Let's just say that, by the looks of this trailer, Laika is reengineering Stop Motion as we know it.  And that's not even scratching the surface when I say that.  The design and animation here is breathtaking!  It makes me look at it twice and say 'WAIT!  Is that CGI!?'


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