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Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival Announces This Year's Guests!

This year, for its 6th edition, the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival (September 26-28th) will be featuring some of the most outstanding names and projects in the business including an inside, in-depth, BTS for Laika's The BoxTrolls!  Laika will deliver a special presentation and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios may show up for a while...

Anyway, featured below is your fix on the MSMFF breaking news...

VIP Access to LAIKA Studios and Behind-The-Scenes of The Boxtrolls

LAIKA (Portland, Oregon USA) is, without a doubt, one of the most ambitious, creative, and courageous stop-motion studios in the world. They specialize in feature-length and short animated films, as well as commercials. The studio has produced two OSCAR NOMINATED stop motion films: ParaNorman (2012) and Coraline (2009).

During their special presentation, you will discover the remarkable creativity of LAIKA, with a look at their latest project The Boxtrolls (in theatres 26 Sept. 2014), and be able to meet the original puppets from the production.

For more information:

Special Presentation of Robot Chicken with Alex Kramer

Now in production of its seventh season, Robot Chicken has received remarkable world-wide success. In 2014, in order to grow its audience and charm local viewers, Teletoon aired the French version of the series during their adult programming. For the Festival’s 6th edition, we are excited to have Alex Kramer, director of animation on Robot Chicken, reveal the inner-workings of this popular series.

Alex Kamer graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in film and video. After graduation, Alex decided to pursue a career in animation. In 2005 he began to intern at Shadow Machine, working on the second season of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. Alex started working a stop-motion character animator on such shows as Robot Chicken, Moral Orel, Frankenhole, and Titan Maximum. Alex is currently the animation director on the seventh season of Robot Chicken at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. He also teaches character animation classes, and has directed episodes of Dinosaur Office and Mad’s Spy vs. Spy. In 2013 he wrote, directed, and animated his own film, The Well.



Have you forgotten to submit your film to the MSMFF? There is still time! The call for entries closes on  June 20th, 2014.

If your film was produced after 2011, it is not too late to submit it. Check the submitsection of our website, for answers to all your questions about eligibility and submission formats. Take note, submission is free!



Nouvel Hotel and Spa

The MSMFF is proud to be associated with the Nouvel Hotel and Spa. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal and right by Concordia University’s J.A. de Seve Cinema, the hotel is situated ideally for your weekend with us. And once again this year, the hotel willbe offering to festivalgoers rooms at a preferential rate.

For reservations, please contact David Ton, and specify that you are requesting the MSMFF rate:

    David Ton, Nouvel Hôtel et Spa
    Phone : 1-514-931-8841 ext.2683
    Toll Free : 

For more information and for a virtual tour, visit



We are excited to present the new festival trailer, directed by the excellent stop motion director, Trevor Hardy. Trevor is a filmmaker from West Sussex, UK. His films Pushkin (2009) and Captain Orrible in Something Strange Happened (2012) were part of our programming in 2012 and 2013. In fact, Pushkin received the award for Best Independent Film 2012. The MSMFF is honoured to be working with this talented director to promote our mutual love of stop motion.

Trevor Hardy
FoolHardy films



We are always on the lookout for new sponsors!

Interested in donating to the coolest festival in town?
Write to us at
and discover what the festival can offer for your involvement.

The MSMFF Partners with GUMBY Fest!

Last year for our 5th edition, we had a memorable visit from Gumby and Pokey, accompanied by the creator's son, Joe and his wife Joan. This year, the MSMFF is very pleased to be a partner of the Gumby Fest held on June 14, 2014 in Glendora, Califonia.

We invite you to visit the Gumby Fest website for all details on their program and guests:

The MSMFF Partners with the Toronto Animation Arts Festival Internation to present:

THE BOXTROLLS - Behind The Scenes - Case Study
June 16, 2014, 12 pm at Corus Quay, Toronto
LAIKA board artists Vera Brosgol leads a lovely talk about LAIKA studios latests stop motion feature BOXTROLLS, set to be released later this fall. Painstakingly animating a complex puppet frame by frame takes days to do one second of animation sometimes. Hear what it’s like to work at LAIKA on exciting films with tight deadlines under hot lights with tons of puppets, one frame at a time.


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