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"Cicada Princess" & "Sasquatch Rides!"

I'd like to say first of all, this is SMG's 200th post!  So happy 200th everyone!  I'd share my celebration cake with you but it doesn't share, Google +, post, or another type of virtual sharing very well...

My first [short flick] internet find is this really awesome music video entitled Cicada Princess.  It has a Short of The Week award [].  Which you can find the webpage here:  The film's composition was by Jesse Solomon Clark.  Fantastic soundtrack!  I will say with the utmost certainty, Clark's performance has a certain brilliance in the music, it just speaks to your heart in a weird way.  Cicada Princess, and I'm just going to say it straight: is a beautiful epic.  Also, it's not Stop Motion!  It's puppetry!  Some of the most beautiful puppetry I've seen since Jim Henson passed anyway.  The film has a very beautiful and poetic narration, which is by Stephen Fry.  Princess includes magnificent lines like:

"Most folks, spend a lifetime looking for something.  Cicadas have but two days... two nights..."


Cicada Princess from Jesse Solomon Clark on Vimeo.
For a list of the full credit's go to

Next short film pick is Sasquatch Rides!  Now this short is actually Stop Motion, and has some of the best charter animation I've seen in a music video.  It would seem that every two years or so we will get a great, interesting, slightly obscure video for slightly obscure music.  Stop Motion is... appropriate, in the case of this film's storytelling aspect.  I also think that the harry eyeball with eyes is one of the coolest puppets with fur that I've seen in a while.  The puppets were made, and the film was directed by Lars C Larsen.  Dragon frame blog reports:

"Lars was a set-builder for Coraline and is currently a rigger on Boxtrolls."

Which I find to be very intriguing and, promising.  Lars just might be the next Phil Tippett!

Music video:
Sepia Tones website:

Sasquatch Rides! from Lars C Larsen
Music and Production Design By: Tobin Robinson
Animated By: Suzanne Twining
Directed by: Lars C Larsen
Produced by:
Scenic elements: Charles Daniels
Puppets: Tobin Robinson and Lars C Larsen
Compositing: Suzanne Twining, Lars C Larsen
Drums and Track: Andrew Hodgson at the Shire
Mix: Antreo Pukay at Tell Tail Recording, Portland, Oregon
Super Big Thanks to: DOA, Anne Mueller, Mighty Pug, Heather Henson, Mark Mueller, Morgan Hay, The Achiever's Board, Rob Shaw, Molly Grebens, Omphemetse Olesitse

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