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"Robot Jox" (1989)

Robot Jox Theatrical Poster
With the upcoming RoboCop remake I though it only necessary to discuss the 1989 action flick Robot Jox.  Now, RoboCop was Robot Jox's predecessor, but both films were in production at, or near the same time (principle photography on Robot Jox started in early 1987, before RoboCop was released), so to say that Robot Jox stole anything from RoboCop would be blasphemy!  Robot Jox was the first massive project for David Allen Productions, and to watch the movie shows you that with $10,000,000 and a devoted and passionate crew, you can accomplish a magnificent final product; just look at Star Wars: A New Hope, for example, which was made for only 10 million just like Robot Jox, and Star Wars happens to be one of the most box-office busting flicks of all time (although it was fantastic).

Robot Jox, full film:

According to Ray Harryhausen, the gigantic Stop Motion puppets were, "The robot puppets for Robot Jox were so heavy that they often needed to be supported by tungsten wire sliding along overhead rails while walking."

Even though the critics were none to pleased by this film, many new and unseen things were accomplished in this film.  It is worth a look or two.

I hope after reading this post and watching the film you will agree with me, even though it's not Shakespeare, this is a innovative, and interesting masterpiece of film.

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