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"Transmission" & "Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers"

Guys!  I've been finding so many amazing shorts on Vimeo lately its hard to keep up!  So just expect a lot more posts about Shorts in the upcoming weeks.  Also, there probably won't be much that I'll say about the films like a description or what I thought of it.  Just automatically accept that if I've posted them, they are totally worth watching!

These two flicks are both hand-drawn 2d animation.  Which, I have to admit, I like just as much as Stop Motion; if it's done right.  And both of these are done completely right...


Transmission from Jared D. Weiss on Vimeo.


Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers from Wayne Unten on Vimeo.

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