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"Pluto and the Vessel" Short Film

Pluto and the Vessel, a short film by Harrison Browning.  It's incredible.  The storytelling aspect is very intriguing, engaging, and frighting!  Featuring incredibly animated shots and scenes, this is a must see!  Let me add that you've never seen anything like this.  DISCLAIMER: you may go off to have nightmares after watching!  You've been warned.

"A bald, bearded man, carrying only a tank on his back and a lantern in his hand, progresses from one space to another in order to complete some mundane, yet dubious task. The actions and spaces are minimal, and they serve to highlight specific changes in mood and atmosphere. More importantly though, these subtle, na├»ve, and often unassuming gestures serve to question who, or what, or where is “the vessel” at any given moment. The film treats all its parts- body, space, and object, as interchangeable and porous in their interactions; nothing is a vessel, everything is a vessel."

Also, visit the website which includes BTS and storyboards:

Pluto and the Vessel from Harrison Browning on Vimeo.

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