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Lego® Introduces Kids to Stop Motion With 'Lego Movie Maker App'

With the release of the recent CGI Lego Movie, which grossed over $200 million in the worldwide box-office, Lego® decided to encourage kids to make their own Brickfilms with the Lego Movie Maker App.  I think that I can speak for the Stop Motion community and say that with the release of this app, this marketing decision will create a hunger and interest in Stop Motion in kids.  Which, will draw more new Stop Motion into the medium than Stop Motion Geek, or any of the other animation fanboy blogs would have.  I do hope that this means children will start to take interest in the medium, but I can only hope.

Note: I do find it pretty awesome that the end credits for The Lego Movie were %100 Stop Motion, though, why not do the whole movie that way?  Maybe we'll be getting to see more Stop Motion in the sequel, which was confirmed by Variety yesterday.

Download the free app here:
Watch the videos here:
YouTube Channel:

The Lego Movie

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