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Short Flicks: "Move Mountain"

Kiresten Lepore's Move Mountain an incredibly animated and executed short film.  I find this an interesting take on what being alone in the wilderness could be.  It would be very intriguing to see a report of people who have been alone in a jungle and what they though of it on a scale of 1-10.  Heck, we should all take a week out of our lives and camp in a strange mystical jungle!

I marvel at all of the charters Kirsten had to, and successfully animated (a league of trees, water, and foliage), there is also a cave-party scene at the end with a ton of charters!  Kirsten gives a nice homage to other Stop Motion styles and techniques, like two dimensional characters, Harryhausen crabs, and similar puppets to the ones Mikey Please uses in his shorts.
A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself. A story about illness, perseverance, and our connection to everything around us.

Side note: I think that the red waterfalls look very similar to Twizzlers.  Comment below and tell us what you make of it.

Move Mountain from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

BTS video link:
MAKING OF: MOVE MOUNTAIN from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

The girl puppet's armature/mold

Kirsten Lepore's little workshop of wonders
Directed by Kirsten Lepore
Story/Fabrication/Animation/DP/Editing/Post by Kirsten Lepore
Sound by Kirsten Lepore & Paul Fraser
Music written & performed by Chelsea Lepore & Kirsten Lepore
Character Design Contributions by:
Emily Brundige
Ethan Clarke
Garrett Davis
Laura Jane Favela
Lorenzo Fonda
Jon Gomez
Meejin Hong
Kangmin Kim
Lizzy Klein
Ru Kuwahata
Spencer Ockwell
David OReilly
Quique Rivera Rivera
Michael Please
Sara Pocock
Max Porter
Julia Pott

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