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Short Flicks: 8-Bit Stop Motion Pixel Art

We all love classic 8 bit and 16 bit games, it's a part of our DNA.  BUT, Stop Motion Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros [Power Ups], and Donkey Kong???  That's awesome!  And thats what Guiz De Pessermier set out to do, and has successfully done in these videos!

Super Mario Bros 3 Power Ups:

Final Fantasy

Donkey Kong

He is currently has a Kickstarter project up for a Stop Motion Super Mario bit.  He has already raised the money but he stated this in a Kickstarter update:

UPDATE: We already made it! Thanks to everyone! This was supposed to be a 30 sec video but let's make it interesting. 
If we go over 500$, I will make Mario go inside the pipe in level 1-1.
If we go over 1000$, stage 1-2 will be made as well.
If we go over 1500$, stage 1-3 will be made as well.
If we go over 2000$, stage 1-4 will be made and we will see Bowser!
Pretty cool!  Go check it out here:

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