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Stoopid Buddy's "Slam City" Animator Interview

Below is a reprint article, a quick interview Stoopid Buddy Stoodios had with Harry Chaskin, one of their animators on Slam City for Mattel and WWE.

Go read the full post here:

Do you have a favorite episode of WWE Slam City?

H: I really like the Perk E. Pizza episode with Mark Henry. The more demeaning the day jobs, the funnier the episodes play, and putting a 400 lb former Olympic weightlifter in a penguin costume is about as good as it gets. Plus, he’s fighting robots!

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
H: My favorite Superstar is probably Santino because he has a sock puppet. You don’t see too many sock puppets in pro wrestling these days. 

If you could pick any new “day job” for one of the Superstars to do, what would it be?

H: I’d like to see Mark Henry be a stop-motion animator. He seems like a patient guy.

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