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"Lunar Attraction" by Michelle Arbon - Now on Kickstarter

"Lunar Attraction", is a short film in Stop Motion .  Michelle Arbon, is an artist who lives in the UK, she is in a collaboration with the artist Mab Graves.

This is the synopsis from the Kickstarter blog -
Set in a Steampunk theater, where the whole world is literally a stage, two lonely Guardians spend their lives creating Night and Day. Sol is Guardian of the Sun, he watches Lunar, Guardian of the Moon, from a distance. He longs to be with her, but the pair are separated by the entire Universe. Lunar is bored and longs for excitement, she watches Sol, but is unable to reach him. 
On yet another lonely Valentines Day, Sol decides to take action and send Lunar a Valentines message. With no way to contact her, Sol decides to send a message in the sky using his cloud machine. After several attempts Sol creates the perfect heart shaped cloud. As the cloud quickly floats away, it goes too high and gets stuck in the machinery above the stage that controls the Sun and Moon. Suddenly, we see the Moon join the Sun in the sky, causing a Solar Eclipse. The World is plunged into darkness, leaving the very existence of Night and Day in jeopardy. As Sol and Lunar try to fix the problem, the pair meet for the first time above the stage. Will the pair find love beneath the Eclipse and will Night and Day be restored?

It seems interesting, but, we'll have to wait and see...  They have set a goal of reaching $28161.00 (I had to change it from 18,000 pounds to US dollars) in 37 days.



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