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How To Tell A Story & Ray Harryahusen's Armature Kit

Animation is great, but, without a story nothing will work.  As this very well told video by TED will explain to you how to tell a story.  Now, even if you think you know how to tell a story and are too stuck-up to watch, well even you need correction sometimes.

We all we need armatures for our puppets. Let's face it, to have a custom armature made for you it can be well over $1,000. If you have the money for that great! - But the average consumer doesn't.  Now Ray Harryhausen is gone, but his legion still lives on, and so does his efforts to help Stop Motion animators lives also.  There is now the Official Ray Harryhausen Armature kit, surprise!  This kit is everything you need and more, and is now available at and
PS. this is not my review, it is by ML Tharme on YouTube.

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