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Sony "Made of Imagination" Commercial

This is a very special commercial, why? - The answer is that it is made by Wes Anderson and the crew that worked on Fantastic Mr. Fox.  This commercial was made at LAIKA/house Studios.  I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox, loved it!

Sony Xperia Made of Imagination from McCann London on Vimeo.

The making of Wes Anderson's Made of Imagination...
Sony Xperia "Made of Imagination" from H.K. McCANN on Vimeo.

Full Credits

Client: Sony
Agency: McCann Worldgroup 
Animation Production Company: LAIKA/house
Set/Model Fabrication Lead: Rob Melchior
Character Fabrication Lead: Katie Mello
Art/Stage Department Manager: Erica Johnson
Editorial Manager: Melissa Tvetan
Stop Motion Animation: Julianna Cox, Wendy Fuller, Chris Ohlgren, Suzanne Twinning
ART DEPARTMENT                          
Associate Art Director: Julian Laverdiere
Character Fabrication: Sara Neiman, Margaret Meyer,Belle Iskowitz,Cynthia Lahti, Ann Larson, Morgan Muta, Brett Superstar, Scott Tom, Cecilia Tonnisson, Lance Woolen
Armaturist: Sarah Hall, Miel-Margarita Paredes
Set Fabrication: Loren Candela, Claud Gilbert, Gary Logue, Scott MacGregor, Niles Snyder
Model Fabrication: Rachel Cherry, Toby Froud, Jesse Geisheker, Duncan Gillis, Larry King, Coby Lorang, Raul Martinez,Joe Schmidt
Graphic Artist: Dan Casey
Laser Cutter Tech: Dan Strong
CAD Artist/Fab Supervisor: Jon Warren
Practical Lighting Engineers: Clay Connally, Matt DeLeu
Scenic Painting: Anna Featherly, Jesse Geisheker, Loren Hillman, Leigh Jacob, Christina Owen, Miel-Margarita Paredes
Rapid Prototype Production: Michael Berger, Billy Cabey, Kingman Gallagher,Nicole Fitzhugh, Ty Johnson, Daniel Strong,Nick Vincent
Director of Rapid Prototyping: Brian McLean
Art  Dept. Coordinator: Tanya Smith
Associate Art Dept. Coordinator: Lindsey Reif, Carol Chow
Production Liaison: Alix Iverson
Production Assistants: Dave Gulick, Julia Morris
Swing/Electric/Grip: Dan Ackerman, Clay Connally, Michael Gall
Motion Control: David Trappe
Assistant Camer: Jake Hauswirth
Wrangler: John Kirkley, Nick Mariana
Rigging: Sarah Hall,Colleen Flanigan
Behind-the-Scenes Coordinator: Alise Munson
Behind-the-Scenes Videographers: Jason Deymonaz, Paul Owens, Asif Siddiky, Hannah Gregg
Behind-the-Scenes Production Assistant: Jessica Funaro
POST PRODUCTION                         
Compositing Artists: Leif Peterson,Michael Nicholas
IT Support: Jeff Vandehey
Media Tech Support: Dave Drusky
Tape Room Op: Travis Ezell

Moxie Pictures
Director: Wes Anderson
Executive Producer: Dan Levinson
Head of Production: Roger Zorovich
Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz
Producer: Jeremy Dawson,Molly Cooper
Editor: Andy Weisblum, Beast
Music Supervisor: Randall Poster, Search Party
Music: Jonsi
Sound Design: Craig Henighan
Sound Engineer: Joe O’Connell, Blast Audio
McCann Worldgroup
EVP ECD: Tom Murphy
EVP ECD: Sean Bryan
SVP EP: Greg Lotus
VP CD: Jason Schmall
VP CD: Mat Bisher
Copywriter: Ryan Montant
Art Director: Richard Kluver

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