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"Scrap Metal" & "Stanly Pickle"

I love the weekend, don't you?  The best way to celebrate a weekend is with a doomsday movie, let alone if it's a Stop Motion film.  Anyway, I personally love this short. The cinematography, animation, puppets, all of which are superb.  I have to hand it to Anthony for this one, it's awesome!
Scrap Metal from Anthony Straus on Vimeo.
Anthony Straus's blog.
A weekend wouldn't be the same without behind the scenes
photographs, would it?

 The second best thing to watch during the weekend is some pixilation, (using a human for a stopmo puppet).  Vicky Mather's 2010 Stanley Pickle is online in it's full version for the world to see.  The film's expressive choreography, story, lighting, and art as individual elements are strong and playfully inventive.  The film was shot with the Canon EOS 40D, and Dragon Fame.

Stanley Pickle - FULL FILM ONLINE from Vicky Mather on Vimeo.
Vicky Mather's website.

Happy doomsday! - Also, happy June 1st, have a great June everybody!!!

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