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Harbinger Down, A sci-fi/horror film - Now on Kickstarter

Harbinger Down is a sci-fi/horror film, also, it's not really a Stop Motion film.  There promise was to NOT use CGI (no mother fruitcakes here) to which I'll say YES -(stupid CGI effects)!!!  The film, will have practical effects: animatronics, cable/rod controlled puppets, makeup special fx,
miniatures, models.  Again, no CGI! - I am fickin' excited about that fact.  Mostly, I think that the reason I love Stop Motion/practical effects is because they look more real, like look at the difference between the first Star Wars, and the latest one, big difference in realism.

The project is now on Kickstarer.  Harbinger Down is seeking to raise $350,000 on Kickstarter.  Today (June 3rd, 2013) they currently have $200,705 that's a whole 150,000 that they have to raise in 4 days.

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