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Book of The Month Club

July, for all things good I we will skip the patriotism and jump into Halloween.  What am I jumping into you may ask? -Well the first monthly Book of The Month Club of course.  This is a thing where I review a book and give you the review on it.  DON'T WORRY: I am reviewing non-fiction, not fiction (although, I may throw in a collection of comics, just to mix things up).  The book for the month of July is -   Now, the book is split up into three parts, and each part is a different book in it's self.
  Obviously the three parts are: The film, the art, and the vision, if the cover didn't make that clear.  So, I'm going to review each part by there self.

The film: This section talks about the films plot.  Gives you Tim Burton's original poem that the film was based on.  Also, you get the words to the songs (in case you wanted to sing along to the film).  This section also gives you a short biography on each of the most essential characters.

The art: This is the section that we Stop Motion Geeks care about: how it was made; by giving you complete incites on how the characters are molded, armatures, and the making of sets, etc.

The vision: In this section talks about Tim Burton, and gives you his art.  Along with art not done by Tim.  That's it.  That's my review.  As for you, you can buy the book off Barn's and Nobles here: for $1. 99 (a much better price than I purchased mine for).  I hope you enjoyed this, remember to send me book suggestions and thanks for your support!

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