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CGI/Stop Motion Animation

Last night, I went to the local Drive in Theater.  I went to see two CGI flicks, Despicable Me 2 along with Monsters University.  Well watching, I thought to my self: "CGI in animated films has become so great that you could throw in some Stop Motion or a real object and no one would notice it from the CG aspect of it."  Well after pondering this I realized that really the only film to employ this method of CGI/Stop Motion was in LAIKA's ParaNorman.  Now, ParaNorman only really used CGI for background characters; I'm saying that CGI could be used not only for background characters, but for sets, and main characters also.  This is just a thought but I'd love to hear feedback and what you think on the matter.  My email is, or you can comment below.

We have heard LAIKA say that The BoxTrolls will be a mix of CGI and Stop Motion, but it still maybe just background characters.

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