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Using Twitter's Vine for Stop Motion

Now, I have been more or less not interested in Twitter's six -second looping video sharing site.  Until it accrued to me that any Stop Motion animators who are trying to get there name out in the general public, well now's your chance.  The reason for my suggesting this is that Vine is new; less than six months old.  It will get bigger, maybe not as big as YouTube or Vimeo but still will grow none the less.  There is a good chance that if you start animation now that you will gain a small following.  The films them self's are micro clips, six seconds. It's very surprising what you can do in six -seconds, more than you would think. Last week Vine released an updated version
of the app adding camera focus, grid-lines, and 'ghost tools' (the onion-skinning effect); perfect for Stop Motion.

Vine Stop Motion...

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