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Sweet Dreams & Storyboard pro!

Lets go back into time about four years ago, in 2009 we had probably the best year for stopmo ever;  I mean it, there's Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, and A town Called panic, all were
 released in 2009.  So, it's not surprising that another Stop Motion gem was created in 2009, the short flick - Sweet Dreams by Kristen Lepore.  Sit back, relax, and drink your Starbucks coffee well watching, enjoy!

An interview with Kristen.

Next we will be discussing Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro, so, the product has every feature you'll possibly want except if you want it to fly, it can't do it.  So the key features that I'm concerned about are: built-in animatics, check! camera motion, check! 64-bit core, check! smooth playback, check!

Mainly what my concerns were, well, they took care of my concerns.  Yes, I would buy this product slap a big SMG approved label and there you have it!  The reviews are, well, decent but I deffently want to know what I'm buying is a quality product, this is.

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