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A Town Called Panic, Movie Review

So, I'll cover the script first, then the art.
The story follows Indian, Cowboy, and Horse, after Cowboy & Indian realize that they haven't bought Horse a
birthday gift they buy about 1,000,000,000 bricks by accident; this leads to some stuff, which leads to some other stuff, which leads to the climax, which leads to the end of the flick.

In the first twenty minutes of the film is when I realized, this is very original and very likable.  The script was bizarre, but brilliant.  Strong characters; who fit nicely together.  Over all, the script/plot line was very well written.

The art, well, this is where you come into play, I can't speak for everyone when it comes to the art of a film, but I loved it, it was as if you were about five years old and you had a HUGE inventory of play sets including: Cowboys, Horses, Indians, buildings, grass, trees, etc. then you dumped all them out on a Stop Motion studio floor and set them up properly, to set the mood of your film.

Conclusion: I loved it, it is in a tie with Fantastic Mr. Fox for my favorite stopmo film, so go watch it.


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