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Out of a Forest, The Maker & Fred!

The first wonderful film we have today is, Out of a Forest.  Out of a Forest caught my eye because of were they shot the film, it appears and is evident that it was shot a night in an actual forest! - The video is about five
minutes long so, maybe, two weeks of shooting every night, and that is if the weather doesn't give out on you.  The puppet making is pretty outstanding too, so is the animation, it makes me just want to put it on a plate and eat it, put it on a plate and eat it...  Without farther ado, Out of a Forest -

Next short film is strange, but, as you know by now I like strange things.  The title: The Maker, I personally, love this film, I guess its just the way that it was shot.  What I want to know is if the puppets have real teeth, I know that it sounds weird but, I want to know!

The Maker...

The Maker -
making an hourglass...

The Maker - making camera dollies...

The next film is Fred, and I'm not sure if I hate it or love it, well, judge it for yourself.  I have know about Fred for about four years now, the creator of Fred went on to be an animator on Coraline so, that probable stopped him for some time.  Fred was shot with a six megapixel Canon camera; go watch it on Vimeo, behind the scenes are below.

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