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A Trip to the Moon!!

Today, on Stopmotion geek we are going old school, and I really mean old school.  Why this is so old is that were discovering, well, your discovering, I'm giving you info that I already know, so, you know, not really discovering... so what, I can rediscover, mmmhun!  Georges Melies, was the first-ever Stop Motion animator, in fact, he invented Stop Motion; therefore, we'll
give him a lot of the for being of this blog.  There are many films that Georges made, for instance: The haunted Castle, The Man with the Rubber Head, and many, many, others but today we will only be covering one: A Trip to the Moon to be precise.  A Trip to the Moon (Voyage to the Moon) was a French 1902 special effects film, the film was loosely based upon two novels of it's time: From Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne and The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells.  A Trip to the Moon was the first science fiction film, and one of the first to use special effects, this includes stopmo.  The film is not 100% stopmo but is has its moments.

A Trip to the Moon...

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