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Stoopid Monkeys! & Town Rat, Country Rat (1926)

So, now I get it - i'm the guy you count on to find awesome stopmo videos?  Well I have adopted that responsibility and here's your video.  So the first Stop Motion film to use
mammal characters, (the same kind of puppets used in marvelous films such as: The Fantastic Mr. Fox) it is also a silent film (sound in films was not invented until 1929, with Steamboat Willie) with a new film score.  Without farther ado -

Next, there is Stoopid Monkey, currently, there is eighteen episodes of Stoopid; unless you don't read my blog, you'll know that I love Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, they are the company that created/production company for Stoopid Monkey.  Go watch it, now! on YouTube.

For behind the scenes check out the link.

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